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were expectin●g blankets that year should not be dis●appointed.The thick damask curtains wer▓e cut up for coats, as they made good c▓oats, t

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hickly lined.Altogether● there was so much to do that the days were▓ not long enough. One day we had a visi●t from Julius Pringle, who was on furl

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ou▓gh at the house of an uncle, who was refugeeing▓ about four miles away.This was onl

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y the s●econd time I saw him.Mamma and he did▓ all{197} the talking, while I sewed▓ in silence.Mamma

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went out of th●e room to order some cake and wine, and he t▓old me he didn’t know the w

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ay to Crowley, and h●ad come to a place where four roads crossed,▓ and was puzzling how to

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decide wh▓ich road to take “when I saw a track of a● tiny foot leading this way, and I foll?/p> i▓zes,

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坥wed that and I knew it would bring me to▓ you.” This made me very an●gry indeed, and I got red and lost the u▓se of my quick tongue.When mamma came ba▓ck the talk fl

owed on as easily and pl●easantly as possible.She told him what a fine ▓crop of rye she had made in ●her calf pasture, and what difficulty ▓she had to find a place to p▓ut it until she thought of the big piano b▓ox, which had helped very much, for it held so ●much.All this time I sewed in silence, wit●h flaming face.At last he asked me to p●lay.I declined fiercely, but mamma ●said: “My dear Bessie! Of course y▓ou will play for us”—she being quite▓ shocked at my manner.I went to the piano an●d played as though I were fighting the Yanke▓es.When I returned to my seat Mr.● Pringle thanked me, and, turning to my ●mother, said: “Mrs.Allston, appare▓ntly the piano box is of{198●} more use than the piano!” An●d then they

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